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Kirynn drawn by Curse360

Kirynn profile art by Curse

Mascot Rigging

Premium $100+
Face XYZ
Body XYZ
Blinking Idle Animation
Mouth Open/Close
Mouth Smile/Frown

Basic $50+
Face XYZ
Blinking Idle Animation
Mouth Open/Close

Rigging Terms of Service

- For commercial projects please contact me at [email protected] regardless of open status.
- Returning clients seeking model updates may be added to the queue at any time. You do not need to apply, please reach out to me regardless if I am open or closed.
- I reserve the right to reject any commission, if I am unable to take or complete your commission you will be notified as soon as possible
- Your model art does not have to be complete when signing up
- If your art is not ready by the time I am ready to start your model, you may be moved down in line (If there are extreme delays I reserve the right to cancel your order)
- I accept credit, debit, and Paypal
- No payment is required to be placed in my queue
- I will contact you up to 1 month before I am ready to start your rig to begin the payment process
- At least 50% of the total must be paid before I start
- If payment is not received after a month of me being ready to start you may lose your spot in queue
- Full payment must be completed before I deliver any files
- Minor revisions are free
- Major revisions may incur an extra charge
- Starting a month after completion of the model, you may be charged for minor revisions
- Any deadline will incur a rush fee of 20%-50% of model total depending on how soon the deadline is
- I will not take orders with deadlines that are less than a month from first contact
- The deadline applies to model files ONLY
- I will send you all the necessary files to run the model in any program that accepts Live2D (VTubeStudio or PrPrLive is recomended)
- I will help you set up your model
- I will create and send you a simple showcase video to use wherever you want
- Rigging file (.cmo3) will not be part of the delivery without extra payment (I will share the files with another rigger for something like a vbridger update at your request for free)
My Use
- The rigging process may be posted on twitter, tumblr, youtube, or twitch unless you request otherwise
- If requested, I will keep the model secret for up to 3 months
- I reserve the right to post videos and images of the completed model (after 3 months) as an advertisement for and example of my work
Your Use
- You are NOT permitted to re-sell the model without my permission
- You are NOT permitted to use the model for profiting from or advertising for blockchain-related technology, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and related future inventions
- You are permitted to get the model art re-rigged without my permission
- You have full commercial rights to your model including but not limited to: making monetized content and selling physical merchandise (check that your artist allows the same usage)
- Full refunds are available if I have not started
- 50% refunds (of total) if I am less than half done
- No refunds after the model is completed or if I am over halfway done
- I will refund only the amount I received after Paypal/Stripe fees (you may lose $20 or more)
- Email will be our main mode of communication (I also check twitter dms if you need a faster response)
- I check my messages at least once a day, if I haven't responded for a few days feel free to double message
- After details have been discussed and final pricing has been discussed, I will not contact you again until I am ready to start your rig
- While I am working on your rig I will do my best to send you as many or as little updates as you want, feel free to suggest small rigging edits as we go but do note that major revisions and large add-ons not previously discussed may incur additional charges
- Credit is required whenever you use this model OR have it always publicly visible somewhere (ex. carrd, twitch panel, etc.). A proper credit must include any of the following names AND any of the following links:
Twitter: @ramdroidrigs https://twitter.com/ramdroidrigs
Tumblr: @ramdroidrigs https://www.tumblr.com/ramdroidrigs
Youtube: @ramdroidrigs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCavFega5mG-y-J5rvrnmobw
Website: https://kirynncomm.carrd.co/
VGen: https://vgen.co/Kirynn
- Feel free to directly tag me any time you post your model! It's not required but I do love sharing when people use my models ^^

Animated Emotes

What you need before ordering:
- Art cut for Live2D (I do rigging only! Sorry I can't draw :'c )
- Visual reference or written description of how you want the emote animated
What you will get:
- Animated emotes sized for twitch, discord, and youtube (other custom sizes can be discussed when placing an order)
- Full commercial rights to use the emotes for whatever you like including: streaming, youtube videos, promotional videos, etc (just make sure you have the same rights from your artist before doing any of these)
- Base $?? USD
- May increase based on complexity
- $20 rush fee, please discuss any deadline you may have before payment
- Free edits are allowed for up to 1 week after rigging is finished
- Edits may incur price increase if you are adding something not previously discussed
- Edits may incur price increase after 1 week
- Prices are in USD
- I accept Paypal, credit card, and debit card (through Stripe)
- Must be paid in full before I start
- Full refunds (minus any transaction fees) are available if I haven't started your order
- No refunds after order is started
Terms of Service:
- Credit must be publicly visible somewhere (ex. carrd, twitch panel, youtube description etc.).
----> Twitter: https://twitter.com/ramdroidrigs or @ramdroidrigs
- You may NOT re-sell without asking me first
- You may NOT use my work for, or as promotion for the selling of NFTs, crypto, or related future technology
- I reserve the right to display your commission in my portfolio (with credit to you and the original artist)
- I reserve the right to publicly post your commission three months after completion

Recent Live2D Examples

If you have any questions as a potential client feel free to message me on twitter @ramdroidrigs or email me at [email protected].

Full Body Premium Tier
Completed March 4, 2023

Full Body Premium Tier
Completed February 2, 2023

Full Body Premium Tier
Completed November 4, 2022

Full Body Advanced Tier
Completed April 9, 2023

Full Body Premium Tier
Completed December 13, 2022

Full Body Advanced Tier
Completed September 21, 2022

Apex Legends Gaiden Event: Vtuber Collaboration

Older Rigs

Carrd only gives me so many free elements :') please check out my older work as well!